the leadership

the pastor

Pastor Chi received his Master of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 2002 through the Evangelical Church Alliance and started Exodus3 in 2003. He is married to Helen, and together they have three beautiful children: Elijah, Sophia, and Evelyn.



the staff & board

We are all people who have come to understand what this Christianity thing is all about and how Jesus fits into it all. We have all done the “church” thing and wondered if there was something more to being a Christian than going to church on Sundays, attending Bible studies, and serving in ministries. And we found out that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

A man once said that he missed the forest because of the trees. Like that man, most of us missed Jesus Christ because of religiosity. Through Exodus3, God has taken away the religiosity of Christianity, and has shown us Jesus Christ and His Gospel. The simple, yet profound reality of Jesus has transformed so many people throughout history and it is transforming us and everyone at Exodus3.

We might be called leaders by name, but we are all gathered to help people experience and understand the reality of Jesus Christ. We want to point people to Jesus so that they may experience true transformation and joy, just as we have experienced.

Our backgrounds are all different, and on the surface we might not have anything in common that would bind us together, but it is through the blood of Jesus that we share our common ground.

It is a joy and a privilege to serve and be part of a church so focused on spreading the reality of the Gospel and to see firsthand what the Spirit can do in people’s lives. At Exodus3 we have all learned and experienced the essence of Christianity, as having a personal relationship with God, not a religion.

We love Jesus, because it is He who first loved us, and that is why we are part of this ministry. We do not serve out of our own goodness, or because we love people; we serve because we cannot deny the amazing transformation of each and every one of our lives through the reality of the Gospel.

We cannot help but proclaim His goodness because of everything He has done for us.